Friday, November 11, 2011

Guarding Morgan

Title: Guarding Morgan
Author: R.J. Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781920501518
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Crime Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx                                 

When Morgan Drake witnesses the murder of a young woman in an alleyway near his home, he ends up under FBI protection so he can testify against the cop responsible. When the safe house is compromised and his FBI protector is shot, Morgan follows the agent’s instructions and runs.  

Nikolai Valentinov has worked for Sanctuary, a private high security company, since leaving the FBI the year before. When his ex-partner contacts him with the news he’s sending Morgan to him for safety, Nik heads out to intercept him before the bad guys do. Little does he imagine that two weeks alone in an isolated mountain cabin can start something special?  Something more than keeping Morgan alive and that could change his life forever. 

Guarding Morgan is the first release in R.J. Scott’s new series, A Sanctuary Story. Having a character go into a witness protection situation isn’t a new premise but in this case, Ms. Scott twisted it around and started with action and Morgan running for his life. The first chapters give a good feel for the personalities of both men. Morgan is alone, scared out of his mind and wounded but still willing to trust the man he’s been sent to. He’s likable immediately and anyone can relate to the fear he’s experiencing as he battles to stay alive and find the courage to still testify. Then there’s Nik. This guy is big, dominant and world weary and in need of rest, but still willing to come running when a friend calls. He tries to be totally professional so he can keep Morgan safe but he can’t resist forever or deny their attraction either. 

That being said, Nik does manage to keep Morgan at arm’s length for a big portion of the story, so this book definitely isn’t a jump-into-bed-immediately type of read. It’s more subdued and the guys are allowed to build a personal relationship first…you can feel their growing emotional attachment even though they’re being guys and not talking about it. And yes there are plenty of funny things going on and the sex is hot. 

More twists and turns come near end as the trial date gets closer and the villains get more desperate. The scenes at the courthouse are filled with action but at this point the story seems somewhat rushed as it moves quickly toward the end. It also jumps in time instead of flowing smoothly like the other parts of the story. Lastly, there are a few plot threads left dangling, but I’m assuming that since this is a continuing series that these will be dealt with at a later date. I look forward to the next release in this thoughtful, well plotted, entertaining series.

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