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All Stirred Up

Title: All Stirred Up
Author: ZA Maxfield
Publisher: MLR Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60820-331-4
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary, Sequel
Rating: Golden Blush Award
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Brendan Blankenship is waiting in the hotel lobby for psychiatrist, Dr. Dirk Melovitch, who is to be Brendan’s travel companion. At the advice of his company’s board of directors and Brendan’s twin brother Evan, Brendan has consented to stay for a time at an upscale relaxation clinic located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From the airports of New York and Dallas, to the long, drive through Texas, Brendan and Dirk are in a power struggle to gain the upper hand until both men discover mutual attraction has a way of inspiring compromise.

All Stirred Up is the sequel to Stirring Up Trouble. The well written, outstanding plot is Brendan’s journey to wellness, combined with the powerful curatives of love and laughter. The storyline gives realistic insight, in relation to a sensitive subject, along with the recovery course of action. Brendan’s life begins to fall apart after Brendan and his mother witness a horrendous accident. He’s endured months of suffering through loss of focus on work, nightmares as well as panic attacks. The departure from his normal personality has a negative impact on Brendan’s physical and mental health. Brendan realizes he cannot win this battle alone, so he surrenders to professional help in finding his misplaced identity. Brendan accepts that his life will never be the same as it was, yet learning new coping skills brings about a level of contentment.

Dirk, whose job it is to help Brendan learn to relax, quickly concludes he cannot resist his attraction to Brendan. Intelligent along with being a very well trained psychiatrist, Dirk must undergo the punishment for Conflict of Interest issues after he tumbles into intimate moments with Brendan. Brendan and Dirk are exceedingly well matched. The interaction between them is hilarious. Both men have strong willed “take charge” attitudes. However, when it comes to intimacy, they are equally considerate to each other, as illustrated in the marvelously passionate scorching love scenes. The talented ZA Maxfield has created a superb and extremely enjoyable saga. I recommend All Stirred Up to anyone who enjoys this genre.

Pale as a Ghost

Title: Pale as a Ghost
Author: Stephen Osborne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61581-837-2
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal, Fantasy, Mystery
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Private detective Duncan Andrews’s life is a little out of the ordinary. His best friend, Gina, is a witch who’s been around since the Salem witch trials, his dog is a zombie and Robbie, his boyfriend, has been a ghost for nearly a decade. Right now, he has a couple of cases where his affinity for the paranormal comes in handy. A woman wants him to find her daughter, who’s working as a stripper and another has an angry specter haunting her home after her kids use an Ouija board.

His personal life needs some help, also. He loves Robbie but wants to feel the touch of another man again…and Robbie isn’t happy about it. When Duncan meets Nick while on a case, he’s ready to take a chance and they agree on a first date, except Robbie pops in at the movie theater to ruin it. It’s frustrating, but there’s so much going on that Nick and Duncan have little chance of getting together. It includes a strange inhuman serial killer on the loose and Duncan’s also got a missing husband to find.

Pale as a Ghost is a fun read and the first for me by the author. I must admit that this little paranormal gem had me grinning and I certainly hope that there’s a sequel in the works so we can find out what happens to Duncan, Robbie and Nick.

The personalities of Duncan and Robbie are nicely developed…you just have to like these guys and feel sorry for them and their situation at the same time. The writing is tight with a great tongue-in-cheek style, there’s an interesting paranormal component to the story with its unique mystery/serial killer and has strong secondary characters. The plot even has a nice bit of humor interspersed throughout, along with lively, bantering pieces of conversation. It’s pretty much a win-win situation all-around and even though there’s a bit of romance …gasp…it doesn’t even have any sex in it, just a few kisses. Read and enjoy. I did.

The Vamp in the Silver Mask

Title: The Vamp in the Silver Mask
Author: Wynn Wagner
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61581-701-6
Genre: {M/M}, Vampire
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Marten’s and Oberon’s positions as hit men for the Obscurati, and Lonny’s work renovating their home, has kept the men busy, but at least they are finally finding something close to normal. However, when Lonny’s excavation project turns up a casket containing a vampire wearing a silver mask, things once again hit the fan.

The Vamp in the Silver Mask is the third, and possibly last story, in the Vamp Camp series. Like the previous stories, this book is also told in the first person from Marten’s point of view. This, of course, means there is plenty of snappy dialog and one-liners that has made this such a fun series to read. The complexities of the men’s relationship, as well as the intrigue surrounding the mystery that Lonny has uncovered, will hold the readers attention till the very last page. There are some surprises in the story, and the way Lonny finally brought down the bad guy, was definitely one of those moments. While I confess to being more of a shape-shifter fan than a vamp fan, I must say that the Vamp Camp series has become one of my favorites and I will be reading it again.


Title: Judgement
Author: Brannan Black
Publisher: Changeling Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60521-623-2
Genre: {M/M} Werewolves, Series
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Daniel and Mace are at Daniel’s mother’s compound, recovering from the ambush directed by a psychotic major and her female army. Observing Mace up close allows some of the women to change their opinion, regarding the rabid monsters versus a civilized pack. However, conflict is still brewing with a wolfman willing to start a war to take Mace's place.

Judgement is the third book in the Wolfman series. In this episode, Mace must demonstrate to Daniel’s former compound residents that he retained his humanity, in spite of the virus that turned most male survivors into violent wolfmen. Mace endeavors to reach an agreement to work together, ahead of facing extinction. However before Mace’s pack could be accepted by the humans, violence erupts in the form of a lethal challenge for the Alpha position. Witnessing the brutal combat, the humans are even more afraid of the wolfmen than before.

Daniel is caught in the middle of an emotional tug-of-war between his mother and Mace. Daniel’s mother fears for his safety, yet remaining would mean being alone with some women, as well as a bigoted redneck. Mace desires to keep his mate, Daniel, with him. Brannan Black has created an electrifying saga, featuring the psychological effects of killing to stay alive. The battles are intense. The intimacy scenes are sensual. I thoroughly enjoyed Judgement.

Whispers in the Night

Title: Whispers in the Night
Author: Gabrielle Evans
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-61034-456-1
Genre: {M/M}, Shape-shifter, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Jackson has known Talon was his mate since he was fourteen years old. While he understood why the older shifter would not claim him when he was underage, Jackson doesn’t understand what’s keeping the man from claiming him now.

Gabrielle Evans Moonlight Breed series is about a group of shifters who have the misfortune of being white once they shift. This is something that is considered evil in the author’s shape-shifting universe. Because of this, each of the shifters has a past that they struggle to overcome. For Jackson that means living with the knowledge that his father tried to kill him after the first time Jackson shifted. Talon has had more time to come to terms with his past; instead he fears the future he may never have. As Whispers in the Night begins, it is easy to understand Jackson’s frustrations with Talon. At the same time, Talon’s reasons are sound, given what would happen to the younger man if they were to go through with the claiming. On top of the men’s relationship problems, the author has also thrown in some major problems for the pack itself, as well as introducing the future mates of two secondary characters.

Whispers in the Night is a great story. I loved when the characters are able to pull the reader into their story they way they did in this book. The deep love that exists between Jackson and Talon is clear from the beginning, even with all the denial. There are wonderful secondary characters, most the readers have met in the previous stories. The interaction between all the characters makes for entertaining reading. I can’t wait for the next two stories to come out and only hope they will not be the last in the series.

Mac’s Mate

Title: Mac’s Mate
Author: Kitty DuCane
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60737-990-4
Genre: {M/F}, BDSM, Shape-shifter, Suspense
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Mac and his team received information, that later turns out to be false, about a woman they are investigating for drug trafficking. Callie has survived the attempt on her life by her late husband and has no patience with the Alpha men landing on her lawn.

Mac’s Mate is Kitty DuCane’s third book about DEA teams, comprised of werewolves. Callie is very rich, in both land and money, and has several people after her land for development. She doesn’t trust men since her experience with her late husband, after she refused to sign her land over to developers. I could understand Callie’s position after I started getting a very clear picture of the physical, as well as the emotional abuse, she experienced. The fact that some of her “friends” belittled her, as well, can be taken from case histories in the real world. I think the author did a very good job of showcasing the damage that some people, women in particular, sometimes have to overcome.

Mac realizes that things don’t quite add up after he meets Callie, but he hates the fact that his wolf recognizes her as his mate. The mistrust undercover law enforcement officials constantly live with came through very well. Despite everything, Mac goes ahead and acts on his feelings, though he knows he is hurting himself in the long run. The jealousy he experiences over the friendship she has with one of the secondary characters is very true to life for a lot of people.

I am looking forward to more about these werewolves, as you meet some very interesting secondary characters in this book. I do wish the author had given these books a name instead of just tying them together with the DEA and werewolves. Each of these books can be read as a standalone book.

Loco’s Love

Title: Loco’s Love
Author: Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-61034-356-5
Genre: {M/M}, Shape-shifter, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Tangee barely has enough time in the day as it is and the last thing he has time for is a boyfriend. As much as he would like something permanent with Loco, he just can’t see it happening. Fortunately for Tangee, Loco doesn’t plan to walk away from his mate.

Loco’s Love is the ninth book in the Brac Pack series. As each new novella is released, the reader is treated to a fun, fast paced read that draws the reader right in and this one is no exception. Those of us who have found ourselves pulled too thin will understand just how Tangee feels. This is a young man who takes his responsibilities seriously and Loco is just what he needs. These two have the instant connection fans of the Brac Pack series have come to expect, however, they have many obstacles to overcome, least of which is Tangee’s family history. There is quite a lot going on in Loco’s Love so readers will be kept glued to the pages. While it is usually the little mates who steal the scenes, this time it is someone completely different. Tangee’s little sister, Melonee, shows up at the Den and has the men, especially Maverick, wrapped around her little finger in no time. Watching the big, tough, shifters with this little one was funny as all get out.

There are new characters introduced, some are just secondary characters while others are future mates of the sentries. The reader also gets the chance to catch up with Jasper, who’s now a member of Zeus’ Pack, opening the way for the author’s spin off series, which is coming soon. If you have not yet given this series a try, you really should see what you are missing.


Title: Hellbourne
Author: Amber Kell
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-0-85715-533-7
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal Shifter/Vampire
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

After being together for twenty years, Luc Hellbourne is devastated when his Alpha werewolf lover suddenly dumps him for a female. Knowing he can’t stay in the pack while the man he loves mates with another, Luc leaves to wander the city and soon finds himself in the company of Master Vampire Nikkolai Remondi. Luc’s only planning on spending a night with his new bloodsucking friend but Nikki doesn’t want to let him go. When Luc’s ex-lover comes looking for him, all hell breaks loose, which isn’t hard when dear old dad, is Lucifer himself.

Hellbourne is the newest release by Amber Kell. Please note that it was previously released by another publisher and has been revised and re-edited for this new Total E-Bound edition.
I’ll admit it upfront. I loved Luc’s personality. He has a wonderful sense of humor, a big heart and due to his genetic heritage, have some truly interesting and unique strengths and powers. The combination of him being half-fae and half-devil’s son wasn’t expected and allowed Ms. Kell many opportunities for creativity, and she used them to good effect. On first look, you wouldn’t expect for Lucifer’s son to be so likable but he is. Luc’s the type of guy who would make a great friend and he shows that throughout the story. The characters of Nikki and Bran, while not as well rounded, still gave a pretty good idea of what made the guys tick and for different reasons, either would have made good matches for Luc.

Now to the overall story—Ms. Kell did a good job with her imagination and descriptive details. The interactions between all characters are nicely fleshed out, with believable relationships and her world-building is distinctive and creative. This is chiefly true of Luc’s annual trip to Hell. These scenes are vivid but without being too gory, while still getting across the torture being done to Luc. And how can I forget the other demons, hellhounds, vampires and even Archangel Michael. It’s quite a cast of characters.

While I can’t say the ending has loose ends, there is still something about it that wasn’t as satisfying as I expected. This didn’t stop me from enjoying the story since most things turned out for Luc for the good and as I hoped. Just be aware.

Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men

Title: Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
Author: Kayla Knight
Publisher: Siren BookStrand
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-61034-443-X
Genre: {M/F/M}, Cowboy, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Before the death of Brody’s wife, Brody and Jake shared women. Jake is worried enough about Brody to force him to take a vacation and perhaps engage in another threesome, but they have to take an assistant with them to keep up with the critical issues in their business. Taylor is looking for a change, since her breakup with her last boyfriend, and agrees to go with them.

Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men is the first book in the Raw Texas Heat series. Brody’s despondency over his wife’s death is so true to life in a lot of situations. I liked that Jake was worried about his friend enough that he tried to force Brody to actively start living, instead of existing. Taylor is that catalyst, once the men look beneath the surface to the woman she really is.

Taylor’s ex was so controlling to the point of possessiveness and I liked that Taylor realized it, though not before breaking up several times. Once Taylor, Brody and Jake get together, the chemistry between them is hot. There are two situations that are pivotal to the resolution of some problems that crop up between the three of them. Both situations are very true to life and will get your heart pounding. I am looking forward to reading the book in this series.

George’s Turn

Title: George’s Turn
Author: Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-601034-327-1
Genre: {M/M}, Shape-shifter, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Tank is ready to find his mate. Watching the other pack members interacting with their mates just makes the craving stronger. When he met George, he thought his wishes had been answered. Only he didn’t expect his mate to be such a top, or back in the closet.

From the beginning, readers know George’s Turn, the latest story in the Brac Pack series, will be different from the previous stories. Tank is larger than life but, as gentle as he is with the little mates, he needs someone who can stand on their own. He’s found that person with George. George has not had any positive experiences with being gay so, with his recent move, has decided to keep his preferences to himself. Of course, that doesn’t last long once he meets Tank. George is different from the previous mates in many ways, but the most noticeable ones are his age and size. Slightly older and taller than the other mates, George is more than able to take care of himself. The first time this became necessary had me laughing out loud because those two vampires never stood a chance. But being as strong as he is makes for some problems, especially when it comes to Tank claiming him. When the men work out their differences, they come together beautifully.

There are also some new problems for the pack. Not only do they have a few rogue werewolves to worry about, but now some rogue vampires have moved into the area. Then there is the mischief caused by the mates, who only wanted to help Tank and George. All in all, the reader is sure to find enough going on in George’s Turn to stay entertained until the last page.

Secrets and Seduction

Title: Secrets and Seduction
Author: Jane Beckenham
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60928-489-3
Genre: {M/F}, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Publication date: 6/21/2011

Leah’s husband killed himself, but not before sending an e-mail to his brother in order to continue tormenting her, after his death. Mac has not been in touch with his brother or his family since he left school, but decides he believes the e-mail. The best way to check up on Leah and gain custody of his niece is to blackmail her, right?

Toward the beginning of Secrets and Seduction, I was fully prepared to hate Mac and wanted to slap him. The jumping to conclusions based on the say-so of someone you don’t really like resonates in a lot of businesses and relationships around the world. The author kept you on your toes guessing what Leah’s secret about her husband would be. My thoughts kept jumping around about what it could be.

The chemistry between Mac and Leah will scorch the pages so keep fans or ice handy. Neither is sure where things will take them because of so much distrust between them. Leah thinks Mac is like her late husband, but Mac starts getting confused because Leah isn’t acting at all like he was told. A very real life situation comes to a head between them and you are left wondering how it is going to get resolved. Leah’s love for her daughter will tug at your heart. I could relate to Leah so much when she was interacting with her and you could see Mac start to soften, because of Charlee. I think the author did resolve the situation between Mac and Leah credibly. All in all, this should get a place on the bookshelf.

A Cop and a Feel

Title: A Cop and a Feel
Author: Vivi Andrews
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60928-479-4
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary, Multicultural, Paranormal, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Ronna Mitchell is a human polygraph and with a single touch of another person’s flesh, she can catch glimpses of the future and tell truths from lies. She can’t be tricked, conned or lied to and always knowing the intent of people makes her life a lonely one. Craving a little excitement and human contact, she sets up a fortune-telling booth when a carnival comes to town. Little does she know how this will change her life?

Officer Matt Halloway is trailing a hit man through the aisles of the carnival and in order to escape detection, he duck’s into Ronna’s booth. When she takes his hand, Ronna realizes that he’s the man meant for her but she’s also horrified to see a scene from the carnival where he’s covered in blood. When he rushes from the booth, Ronna doesn’t even have the chance to warn him of the danger, but knows if the father of her unborn children is to live…she has to save him.

A Cop and a Feel is release five in Vivi Andrews’s ongoing series Karmic Consultants. Because of its short length, the story focuses on Ronna and Matt, with only a minor appearance by Karma near the end, so it can be read as a standalone.

There are some stories that plod along…be assured…this short story isn’t one of them. This contemporary paranormal grabbed my attention with the very first sentence and didn’t let go as it raced to the end. The writing is tight, the characters unique and interesting and the plot line realistic, based on the ongoing paranormal storyline. Ronna and Matt are an unexpected but pleasant pairing and the location of their meeting is unusual, both of which I valued. What I really liked was how the author went about getting them together…or should I say didn’t get them together until near the end. She gave Matt an untrusting cop personality, which made him question Ronna’s sudden attraction to him, despite their obvious chemistry. But the most unusual and unexpected little twist of all…Ronna and Matt didn’t have sex once…but they still had their happily-ever-after in the end. Read and enjoy! I look forward to the next release in this fun and entertaining series.

From the Ashes

Title: From the Ashes
Author: Cash Cole
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60735-289-1
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal Mystery
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Rance Maxmillian Clarke is lost! Standing on a lake shore during a storm, Rance questions why he had travel to the mysterious and dangerous Cherokee Hills. Rescued by Jake O’Reilly, the two men discover an immediate attraction for each other. However, Rance also discovers the other reason he felt obligated to follow the spirits; the revelations of secrets surrounding the sacred land in Eastern Oklahoma.

From the Ashes is the second book in the Mystic Danger series. This is a fascinating, well written suspenseful short story, interwoven with humor and sensual lovemaking. The setting is in the Native American territory. Some of the characters are shifters, which makes the story all the more intriguing. Rance has received the gift of cellular memory, along with his cornea transplant. He had travelled to Cherokee Hills as a gesture to thank Sarah’s family, as well as to find some way of repaying the spirit of Sarah. Rance finds his true destiny when he meets Jake.

Jake is a shape-shifter whose dad has always treated him differently, and Jake wanted to know why. The answers to Jake’s questions, as well as his future is, revealed as the story unfolds. Cash Cole has created an excellent saga featuring the Native American spiritual cultural. I thoroughly enjoyed From the Ashes and look forward to the next episode.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stay With Me

Title: Stay With Me
Author: Gwen Campbell
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-61034-160-0
Genre: {M/F}, Vampire
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

David is a vampire that loves the books Charlotte Allen writes. He manipulates a situation that ends up with Charlotte buying his acreage to build a house. Charlotte is looking forward to picking up the pieces after her divorce and, though she is lusting after David, thinks he is too young for her.

Stay With Me is a very different type of vampire story, in more ways than one. The author weaves a wonderful love story that gives you a very real life man that happens to be a vampire who actually knew Bram Stocker. I loved this little tidbit as well as a few others thrown in. Parts of this story are quite humorous.

Their relationship and the sex between David and Charlotte are sizzling. The relationship they develop could be anyone’s story, as both try to overcome prejudices, insecurities and ex’s. The relationship that Charlotte eventually has with her ex is real life. Things don’t go quite so smoothly with one of David’s “donors”. I thought the author handled the ending very well, though at first you are left wondering if things would, indeed, work out. For those that like vampire stories, this is one to have on the bookshelf to be read again.

Holding on to the Past

Title: Holding on to the Past
Author: Christie Gordon
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-55487-851-2
Genre: {M/M} Vampires
Rating: 3 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Vampire Sebastian takes his vampire mate, Julian, to meet Sebastian’s father, as well as visit with Nikolai, a human child rescued from Julian’ former coven after the death of the evil queen. Julian is very fond of Nikolai so Sebastian asks his father for permission to adopt the human child.

Holding on to the Past is the second book in the In Life and Blood series. The plot is interesting, although slow moving. The queen’s chevaliers are out for revenge against Sebastian and Julian. The intimacy scenes do not express love between the characters, plus I was not altogether sure how the vampires travelled; I can only assume the vampires could fly. The characters exhibited traits found more so in a male/female genre. Moreover, the characters did not engage my attention. Sebastian displays emotional weakness by means of numerous crying attacks. His fears present him as having low self esteem. Julian obeys Sebastian’s every dictate, which overshadows Julian’s individuality. There is action towards the end of the story, which added interest. There are elements of BDSM imbedded in the story that were not mentioned in the publisher’s excerpt. Readers who like placid storylines will find Christie Gordon’s Holding on to the Past enjoyable.

Wild Montana Nights

Title: Wild Montana Nights
Author: Marla Monroe
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-61034-413-8
Genre: {M/F/M}, Western Contemporary
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Darla can’t abide liars since she found out her fiancée was married. She takes a job at a Montana ranch, unaware the brothers have actually been looking for a wife. Randall and Marcus have been searching for what seemed like forever for a woman that they both wanted in a marriage.

Wild Montana Nights is full of hot sexy chemistry between Darla, Randall and Marcus. The mistakes they all make in their relationship are some we all do, especially if there is a lot of insecurity. The catalyst that ended up giving them their “happy ever after” surprised me. I thought the story was going to go in a direction that was all too familiar, with the ex showing up. Boy, was I surprised. Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions starting from the halfway mark to the end. The secondary characters show up briefly, but they play a crucial role in a couple of places.

There were about three places that some typos jarred the flow of the story. Once you get past that, this story keeps your interest. Anyone that likes ménage stories with just a hint of BDSM will enjoy this one. This is one to read again.

And a Smile – Coke’s Clown

Title: And a Smile – Coke’s Clown
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61040-199-9
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Life is in turmoil for bullfighter, Coke, after his friend, Sammy Bell, is severely hurt at the finals of the bull-riding season and he ends up in the critical care unit of the nearby hospital. Coke’s having trouble handling his friend’s injuries and the possibility Sammy might not wake up again. Dillon cares about Sammy too, but he’s concerned for the mental and physical wellbeing of his lover, Coke, and he’s determined to take care of him. That means getting the stubborn man away from the stress of the situation and taking him home to the country where he can relax and heal. The only question is whether he can get Coke to cooperate, since the man who needs taking of is the one who usually takes care of everyone else.

And a Smile – Coke’s Clown is the newest release by B.A. Tortuga in the Roughstock world, this one dealing with Coke and Dillon. Since the characters are all ones met in previous releases, I recommend you at least read Roughstock: File Gumbo Season One first, based on the story timeline, not publication dates. See the author website for the correct reading order of the series @

Of all the members of the Roughstock world, Coke is the one most upset with the injury of their friend, Sammy, and the author has nicely expressed his pain, anger and worry as they wait. But he has lover, Dillon at his side, willing to take care of him, giving Coke the support he needs during this time of strife. These two men are just as in love was ever and seeing them together, relaxing at home with friends during the holiday season, was a nice section of the story. It lightened the mood from the previous serious ones. Don’t think that the story is all angst and unhappiness as they wait for news on Sammy. It also has a nice balance-- it’s also has compassion, tenderness, friendship, fun, love and plenty of blistering hot sex. Enjoy. Check out the website for the listing of upcoming releases in the Roughstock world.