Wednesday, February 19, 2014

His Little Treasure

Author:  Sindra van Yssel
Publisher:  Loose Id, LLC
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN:  978-1-62300-605-1
Genre: {M/F}, BDSM, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph

Diego has been watching Emma and wants to get to know her.  After talking to her, he realizes she is not experienced.  Once they do a scene together, he discovers she is an exhibitionist.  Diego has overcome his shyness, but Emma still struggles with hers.

The fifth book in the Bondage Ranch series, His Little Treasure, kept my interest throughout.  The scenario about someone being so shy was a surprise, even though Emma turned out to like being an exhibitionist, she justified it to herself that it was because she was pleasing Diego. 

An incident almost sent Emma running home and Diego stopped her, but it allowed Emma to realize she could trust Diego.  I liked the way that the author showcased what happens when safe words are used.  This also allowed both Emma and Diego to reflect on their feelings for each other.  Once they get together again, things are great and both decide to continue their relationship once they leave Bondage Ranch.  I loved the fact that he called Emma His Little Treasure.

Several characters from the previous books showed up to help things along.  There were a few new characters too, one that would cause some conflict among guests of the club.  I wasn’t too fond of Emma’s friend Valerie, though she did her best to help Emma. 

Each book in this series can be read alone, however, reading the entire series will give readers a better understanding of the friendships among the characters.

Big Bone Lick Pack

Author: Jambrea Jo Jones, Kendal McKenna, Cherie Noel
Publisher: MLR Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: MLR-1-02013-0192
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal Anthology
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

Devil Dog and Bad Wolf by Kendall McKenna - 4.5 Nymphs

Thinking about his future career opportunities, Marine Seth Price was not prepared for the event that almost cancelled his life. Seth is attacked by a bear while camping and saved by a big grey wolf. On the other hand, according to official reports, Seth was rescued by Boone County Sheriff’s Department patrol sergeant Asa Wilde. Being a human, Seth did not believe werewolves really existed, so did he dream the wolf chased off the bear or was it a memory?

The Big Bad Bear by Jambrea Jo Jones - 4.5 Nymphs

Deputy in the Boone County Sheriff’s office, Kane Farkas is not happy to be working on his day off.  Nevertheless, there is a rogue bear roaming around in the state park. Kane tracks the bear that significantly injured Seth. He immediately realized Dov Barrett is a bear shifter, suffering from a major headache, along with being clueless as to how he came to be in his wretched condition.

Shifty Fox Shennigans by Cherie Noel - 5 Nymphs

Nurse Simon Vacchio is having a dreadful day. First Simon is asked to work a double shift, then upon leaving Seth’s hospital room, Simon is sniffed as well as given strange looks. Simon is perplexed by the weird stares directed his way. Could it be the British smell differently than Yanks? Even Simon’s secret crush, Dr. Josiah Swift gave him a sniff before dazzling Simon with a big smile. 

Big Bone Lick Pack is a marvelously entertaining blend of stories by three amazing authors. The setting is a State Park in Kentucky. The residents are werewolves mated to non-wolf species. The engaging plot features the alpha, one of his betas plus an omega. What I found extremely enjoyable is that the characters are compassionate, intelligent as well as hilarious. The in-depth intimacy demonstrated by the mated couples is scorching.


Title: Downbeat
Author: Mary Hughes
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-61921-875-8
Genre: {M/F} Paranormal Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx
Release Date: 03-04-2014

As a young man, Dragan Zajicek and his family were attacked—they died and he woke a vampire. Venting his anger, he spent centuries in one war after another. Now he’s an internationally famous conductor and an information broker—a spy, which is why he’s following rumors of a powerful vampire called the Soul Stealer. But once in Meiers Corners, Dragan gets distracted by a beautiful woman with a ridiculous name—Rocky.

Ridiculed as a child, shy and unassuming Rocky can’t understand why Dragan is attracted to her. His kisses make her blood sizzle but she doesn’t trust that it’s real. Soon people start dying and it looks like a vampire monster is responsible—and she’s not supposed to even know they exist. As the danger grows, Dragan isn’t certain he can keep the woman he cares for safe from the rogue determined to possess her.

Downbeat is the newest release in the fun and entertaining paranormal series, Biting Love, by Mary Hughes. While it’s possible to read as a standalone, I really recommend they be read in order.

Once again we’re back in the fun and quirky town of Meiers Corners with another well written and fast paced winning story. I found the premise for this one—the Soul Stealer—particularly appealing. Its unique plot and plentiful twists kept my interest and the pages turning from beginning to end.

There are numerous great characters, starting with new lovers, Rocky and Dragan, who have nicely developed personalities and interesting personal histories. The author did a good job with their sizzling chemistry and bantering dialogue, which gave me more than a few chuckles. But that’s not all. We get to see lots of characters we’ve met before, copious vivid details, action, danger and several revelations in the ongoing story arc. 

I don’t know where the series is going or who will be the focus of the next release but I can’t wait. Watch for it.

My Boyfriend’s an Alien

Author: L. M. Brown
Publisher: Totally Bound
ISBN/BIN: 9781781849309
Genre: {M/M}, Futuristic, Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Zak is ready for his next transformation and can’t help wondering what it will be this time.  He also can’t help wondering how many more times he will be shifting.  When Zak becomes a human, he does not expect it to be as life-altering as it is.

My Boyfriend’s an Alien is the newest book by author L.M. Brown.  As the title suggests, this is a science fiction story that I am sure has a little something for everyone.  Zak is an alien whose race transforms into the shape of other species in order to learn about those around them.  They have no say in what they become until after they finish puberty.  When Zak becomes human, he is shocked and his reaction is that of a typical teenager, although his alien self is far older.  When he is sent to Earth, he is in for even more of a shock since nothing is like he was expecting. 

I loved how Zak’s behavior mirrors that of the teenager that he now is.  Every action, from the way he is with his “foster parents”, to how he acts about school, is so typical that I had to laugh, especially since he reminded me of my nephew at times.  Then there are the feelings he doesn’t understand.  I found myself laughing out loud when his foster father tried to explain what an erection was and how to handle it, especially because of the misunderstanding that followed.

Sam, a human college student, is intrigued by the new student in his class.  Sam’s shy, however, and unsure about approaching Zak.  As they become friends there are numerous misunderstandings, some of which are funny and others not so much.  Through it all is the secret that seems to surround Sam.  To be honest, I was not sure what to expect regarding Sam’s secret, but when it was revealed I almost cried.  The way that Zak steps up to help Sam and also comes clean about how he feels for the other boy was very well done.

I really enjoyed My Boyfriend’s an Alien.  I found the story and characters entertaining and plan on reading this story again soon.  I would love to see a sequel of some kind just so we could see how these two are doing. 

Royal Love

Title: Royal Love
Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-62798-399-0
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Life is back to normal at Winfield House for David Windsor and his husband, ex-Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson-Windsor.  Their son, Jack is doing well after being rescued from kidnappers, increased security has been put in place to prevent further problems and they’re back in an official routine. The new surprise in their life is the close relationship of the president’s son, Airmen Darren Wilson with Prince Michael.

Darren and Michael spend as much free time together as possible. Sometimes it’s at a trendy local nightspot, while others are weekends at one of the many country houses owned by the royal family. Under the scrutiny of Darren’s ever present security, their friendship turns to love. The questions looming before them—what will Darren’s mother, the President say? What will the King say?

Royal Love is the newest release by multi-published author John Simpson. It’s a new angle to his Condor One series. I admit I’m thrilled the characters I’m so much invested in aren’t done as I’d thought. With this new book we still get to see David and Shane, but also move into the next generation with the love story of Darren and Michael. It’s a creative segue into making the younger guys the main focus of what I can only assume will be more books in the future—which is certainly okay with me. 

I love the romantic way Michael ‘courted’ Darren. It’s fun, sexy and old-fashioned with a modern twist I really enjoyed, and while they grew closer we got to watch their personalities mature and develop. I thought it was nicely done. The descriptions are good, particularly those at the royal houses. Did I mention how sexy and occasionally goofy these two lovers are at times—they’re just so cute together. As you can probably tell, this book is all about getting Darren and Michael together, so there isn’t much in the way of outside conflict. I’m alright with that. With these two men being in the public eye, there’s a lot going on around them and that means many secondary characters weaving in and out of nearly every scene. But trust me it didn’t get confusing, it just added a little extra richness to a fun and entertaining plot. I can’t wait to see what happens to these two in the future. What danger and mischief they can get into working for the King. Enjoy.

The Incubus Agenda

Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Extasy Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-77111-801-9
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

Werewolf Nicholas Tarrant is on a spy mission for the underground. Incubus Brody Lennox is also on a peace mission for the underground. Unfortunately, their missions failed but Nick and Brody discovered they are mates. 

The Incubus Agenda is the fifth book in the Supernatural Bounty Hunters series.
In this episode, the underground movement led by the vampire twins Joseph and Micah is still attempting to avoid war. The goal is those with beneficial magical powers be allowed to freely co-exist amongst the other members in the community. However, under the influence of the dark magic wielded by Ludvik, the Werewolf Coalition has formed an alliance with the Vampire Clans Council.

The Vampire Book of Days mirrors the Bible in that it reveals the supernatural’s history, as well as the final battle between good and evil. Throughout the series, love has been a main focus. Being a wolf, Nick will not accept other men touching Brody. On the hand, being an incubus who feeds on emotions, Brody has a problem with just the thought of restricting intimacy to only one partner.

RJ Scott continues to create fascinating as well as enjoyable installments to this series. 

Saddles and Memories

Author: Bailey Bradford
Publisher: Totally Bound
ISBN/BIN: 9781781848111
Genre: {M/M}, Western, BDSM, Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Salt isn’t sure if he wanted a relationship but he did want Drake.  Only the little man was already taken, leaving Salt licking his wounds.  When he meets Andy, he is drawn to the man like no one else before.  The attraction is mutual, but neither man has any idea what to do about it. 

Saddles and Memories is the third story in Ms. Bradford’s, Mossy Glenn Ranch, series.  This is Salt’s story, whom readers will remember from the previous stories.  I have to admit that I was not a fan of Salt in the last story.  I thought he was a bit of a prick with Drake and came close to stepping over the line at times.  In this story, we really get to know the character, however, and it made me change my opinion about him.  I easily grew to like him and wanted things to work out with Andy.

Andy is the other main character in this story and he instantly pulled me in.  I liked the way he showed Salt he is interested in him.  These two waste no time coming together and with their intense chemistry, they really heat up the pages.  The men wonder about the direction of their relationship which I found lent a realistic feeling to the story, given the men’s histories and current circumstances. 

There are a variety of secondary characters in Saddles and Memories and of course, previous characters show up to give their advice when they see Andy and Salt struggling.  Some of the new characters are not so nice and I really disliked Andy’s brother. 

The Mossy Glenn Ranch series is one that, while they could be read as stand-alone stories, should really be read in order. 

Fish and Ghosts

Author: Rhys Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-62798-416-4
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Paranormal Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

While growing up, the estate owned by his uncle is where Tristan found refuge and when he inherited it, his family wasn’t happy. Since childhood, Tris has seen ghosts. He’s now the estate caretaker, helping spirits move through the halls of Hoxne Grange and onto their destination in the afterlife. It’s a good life except for his meddling family who think he’s nuts. Now he has to agree to a paranormal investigator to prove the Grange isn’t haunted.

Wolf Kincaid takes his job of debunking everything supernatural very seriously. When he arrives at the Grange, he doesn’t expect to find anything more than another con job. Is he for a surprise? Not only is Wolf attracted to its sexy owner but it’s obvious on the first night that something otherworldly is going on. Then his assistants accidently release a serial killer. Wolf’s years of skepticism are at war with what he sees and feels. Can they defeat the evil trying to destroy them? Can he make a life with Tris work?

Fish and Ghosts is the first book in the new paranormal series, Hellsinger by Rhys Ford. It’s an entertaining read with a creative premise I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s also funny, quirky, has vivid description and some great characters with wonderful personalities and lots of action. Tristan and Wolf are great together and the bantering dialogue gave me more than a couple of chuckles. The relationship of our two guys is pretty balanced within all the ghostly problems and their physical attraction is steamy.

It’s a ghost story after all, so how many twists can you expect? Chuckle. Plenty. There are surprises, both with the ghosts and in the personal lives of the Wolf and Tristan, so anticipate to keep those pages turning. I also like the secondary characters, especially Wolf’s mom—she’s a hoot, and the Grange is a wonderful locale, rich in history and beauty. I wish we could have met Uncle Mortimer’s ghost. Oh well, maybe in the future. 

Yes, there are a few little inconsistencies and dangling threads but I enjoyed Fish and Ghosts so much that I don’t even care. I can’t wait to see what happens with this unique series next. Watch for it. I will be.

Slow Burn

Title: Slow Burn
Author: Sam B. Morgan
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-62300-603-7
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

Being a cop is not only a job for Detective Douglas Brody, it is a family tradition. Nevertheless, Brody’s self imposed rules were due for an overhaul when he was forced to work with physical therapist Zack.

Slow Burn is a budding romance story with a murder mystery as background. The characters are believable. Brody works hard to live up to other’s expectations, always repressing his own feelings. His regularly annoyed behavior, as well as his controlled way of thinking, is an example of Brody being out of touch with his inner self.

 Zack is a compassionate man, who is very good at his job. He does not bow down to tyrants as Brody soon discovered. Zack has a common sense quality that helps not only Brody’s personal life, but Brody’s job as well. 

Sam B. Morgan’s Slow Burn is a moving as well as amusing saga. The mystery case is a small portion of the storyline, yet still enjoyable. The perpetrator is a fascinating surprise.     

Fences and Freedom

Author: Bailey Bradford
Publisher: Totally Bound
ISBN/BIN: 9781781848869
Genre: {M/M}, Western, Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Barney is used to labels.  He’s always been the town’s poor kid and some have even seen him as “special”.  What has him worried though is how the town will react when they realize that he is also gay. 

Fences and Freedom is the fourth story in the Mossy Glenn Ranch series.  This particular book brings two former secondary characters to the forefront and I was surprised to see Ramsey put in one of the hero roles as, at times, he is not really likeable.  I was intrigued with both Barney and Ramsey from the beginning.  Barney is a gentle soul with a big heart, which on occasion means that some take advantage of him.  Ramsey, on the other hand, comes across as tough and looking out only for himself.  What I liked is, as you read Fences and Freedom, you learn that sometimes those roles are turned around. 

These two men have an instant connection right from the beginning, yet while Barney wonders if there could be something more, Ramsey is just looking for relief.  I loved seeing these two getting to know each other, as I still had a problem with some of Ramsey’s past behavior.   It became easy to understand why he behaved the way he did.  I loved the way Barney stood behind Ramsey, even if it meant major changes for the younger man.

As part of a series, Fences and Freedom has a lot of previous characters showing up in the secondary character role.  Two of the funniest ones were Barney’s mom Jen, and Rocky.  I could not decide out how this relationship was going to play out and watching them interact was funny at times. One of the most hilarious moments was when Barney found an extra pair of panties on his mother’s floor.  I don’t know what was funnier, Barney’s reaction or his mother’s. 

Fences and Freedom is a well done addition to this series by Bailey Bradford.  While some may try to read the books as stand-alones, I would suggest reading them in order.